'Another World' Newsletter

Issue # 4 October 21st, 2003

World Social Forum

January 16th-21st, 2004 Mumbai, India


This fourth issue of the Newsletter covers the following topics.

1.October 30th is the Event Registration deadline!

2.New Registration deadlines

3.Book hotel accommodation through our website before November 15th

4.Call to submit material for Anti War-on-Iraq Memorabilia Exhibition

5.Participate in the 4th National Youth Assembly!

6.Meeting of Mumbai Social Forum

7.Pune Social Forum

8.Mumbai-Maharashtra Trade Union Sector meeting

9.Thematic and Content Commission of the International Council meeting

10.WSF process in Sri Lanka

11.Update of the Pakistan Social Forum

12.Upcoming events

13.Upcoming meetings


1. October 30th is the Event Registration Deadline!

To register event proposals, fillout the Event Registration form

available at www.wsfindia.org in the ¨Event Registration¨section and send it

to us online or by post before October 30th 2003. Please keep in mind

that due to the heavy volume of registration forms to process, it is

very helpful for us if you submit your form online. Other upcoming

registration deadlines are the following.


*Participant registration:  November 30th

*Confirmation of the activity:November

*Payments:  December 15th


2. Attention: New registration fees for WSF 2004

During the Asian Solidarity meeting held in Chennai September 24th and

25th the cost of registration  was revised. Many participants at the

meeting expressed their concern that registration fees were too expensive

for individual participants. Therefore, new registration fees were

decided upon. A separate fee for individuals and for organisations has been

established, as well as a fee for each delegate that an organisation

intends to send. For registration of individuals, fees are the same for

all delegates as categorized in the three tiers specified in the table


All organisations either proposing a self-managed event, or registering

solely as participants at the WSF must send at least one delegate. This

means that the minimum fee to be paid by organisations is the price of

registration for the organisation plus one delegate (following the

three tiers for each different region – see below). In the previous format,

each delegate from a organisation from Italy, for instance, should pay

US$ 100. Now, the organisation pays US$ 200 in order to send one

delegate and US$ 50 for each additional delegate. In the case of individuals,

the registration fee also changed. The following are current

registration fees.

Tier I - Registration fee is US$ 150 for organisations plus US$ 50 per

each delegate, from the following countries:

Australia; Austria; Belgium; Canada; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany;

Greece; Iceland; Italy; Ireland; Japan; Korea, Republic of; Luxembourg;

United States of America; Netherlands; New Zealand; Norway; Portugal;

Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; United Kingdom


For example: if one organisation from the above countries wants to send

02 delegates, it will pay US$ 250. ( Organsatian fee $ 150 plus 2

delegates $ 50 each)

Tier II - Registration fees is US$ 30 for organisations plus US$ 20 for

each delegate from:

The rest of Europe; Latin America; Africa; Asia (outside of SAARC)

For example: if one organisation from above countries wants to send 2

delegates, it will pay US$ 70.  (Organsatian fee $ 30 plus 2 delegates $

20 each)

Tier III - Registration fees is about US$ 8 or INR 400 for

organisations plus US$ 2 or INR 100 for each delegate from:

Bangladesh; Bhutan; India; Pakistan; Maldives; Nepal; Sri Lanka


For example: if one organisation from above countries wants to send 02

delegates, it will pay US$ 12 or INR 600.

Organisations registering more than 50 delegates will, in each

category, pay 25% of the individual registration fee per each delegate from

51st person onwards [i.e., Tier I: US$ 12,50; Tier II US$ 5 and Tier III

US$ 0.50 or INR 25]. WSF 2004 will however be open to delegates from

mass organisations and grassroots groups who may find it difficult to pay

the entire delegate fee. Organisations can seek a reduction of the fees

by writing to the India Organising Committee at:


3. Book hotel accommodation through the WSF website before November



In order to book hotel accommodation through www.wsfindia.org select

the ¨accommodation¨ link on left panel of the main page. This will

connect you to the website of our booking service agency. Only registered

participants to the WSF can submit booking information, as the

registration number is required in order to use this service. Please book your

accommodation through the WSF website before November 15th , and keep in

mind that the availability of your preferred hotel options might

decrease as the Forum's dates near.  For queries, please write to



4. Call to submit material for Anti War-on-Iraq Memorabilia Exhibition,

WSF  2004


Calling all campaigners who came together all over the world to make

history in 2003 who spoke, wrote, painted, screamed, photographed, sang,

shot and walked against the US led invasion of Iraq. Lets celebrate

that show of strength!


That music video which just HAD to be made,

That installation which had to be put together,

That nasty Dear Bush Email which had to reach everybody in your


That graffiti you scrawled defiantly on McDonalds walls

That long real long banner that u laboured overnight over

That moving photograph of the massive demonstration in your city.


... send them to us. We are planning an exhibition of anti-war art,

campaign materials and documentation produced during the world-wide

protests and demonstration against the attack on Iraq. All the materials

collected would be curated for a show by the committee on culture at the

World Social Forum 2004. We can even work with j-peg images and reproduce

them in India to avoid

physical transportation. If you are unable to bear the transportation

costs, they can be reimbursed.


Write to wsf04@hotmail.com   or    wsf_mamtamurthy@rediffmail.com  

with a description of your material (item/ creative idea/ size or

duration/ weight etc.). Display, transport and other terms will be discussed in

each case.


5. Participate in the 4th National Youth Assembly!


We invite you to participate in the fourth Youth Assembly of the

Intercontinental Youth Camp,  November 9th and 10th  in Shillong, Meghalaya.

As of date,  three National Youth Assemblies have taken place in

Nagpur, Mumbai and Chandigarh to plan for the Intercontinental Youth Camp

(IYC) 2004. Youth representing fourteen states participated in these

events. Moreover, representatives from India and other Asian countries come

together at the Asian Solidarity Meet in Chennai to strenghthen and

expand the IYC process throughout the continent.

The IYC 2004 will facilitate interactive spaces for youth to express

their concerns in creative and innovative ways. The activities of the

Youth Forum will focus on the following themes: a) Employment; b)

Education; c) Religious Sectarianism and Fundamentalism; d) Dalit/ Racial

Groups/ Indigenous People; e) Gender and Sexuality; f) Violence and Abuse;

g) Vision of Youth; h) Health; i) Relationship Issues. 

To participate in the IYC, have your event and culture proposals ready

for registration!  Registration for participants, events, and culture

at the IYC will be open the  third week of October.

For more details contact- office.youth@wsfindia.org


6. Meeting of the Mumbai Social Forum


Various NGOs, mass organisations, movements and Trade Unions decided on

October 14th that during the next two months the organisations in the

Mumbai Social Forum will plan and hold corner meetings, processions,

street plays and cultural programmes to inform and engage the city in

discussion on people's issues and the WSF. At this meeting, organisations

committed to mobilise Mumbai's citizens for the Forum and to take the

process further. Pamphlets, posters, and other informational material

will also be prepared and distributed for this purpose.  Moreover, a

convention on globalisation concerns and the city's issues is projected. The

Mumbai Social Forum will meet on every wednesday at WSF office, 4:00

pm, to update on proceedings and define objectives. Needless to say, this

meeting is open to those interested in participating.


7. Pune Social Forum


Trade Unions and NGOs met on October 14th 2003 to formalise the Pune

Social Forum, and decided to collaborate in order to expand and

strenghten the WSF process in the Pune district.


8. Mumbai-Maharashtra Trade Union Sector meeting


On October 17th 2003, representatives of twenty-five Trade Unions in

Maharashtra met at the WSF office in Mumbai to plan a state level

convention and expand the participation of the Trade Union sector in the WSF

process. It was proposed that the State Convention of the Trade Union

sector will be held in Mumbai on November 15th,  to assemble the national

core of Trade Unions. The topics discussed at this forthcoming

convention will focus on the issues of Maharashtran workers, ways in which

workers can strengthen the WSF 2004 and further the process in Maharashtra.

Moreover, the possibilities of cross-sectoral organisation for the

mentioned objectives will be explored.


9. Thematic and Content Commission of the International Council

meeting, Peruggia, Italy


During October 13th and 14th 2003, the Thematic and Content Commission

of the International Council met in Peruggia, Italy to discuss the

Programme Methodology of the WSF 2004, and the future directions that might

be undertaken by WSF after the event in Mumbai. Kamal Mitra Chenoy and

Sheelu Francis, facilitators of the Programme group, also participated

in a prior meeting held on the 11th to review the Programme of the

Forum. The format of the Programme was agreed upon in order to balance the

allocated space for participant-organised activities and those

organised by the WSF. The conclusion of the International Council meeting was

that including panel and conference space for self-organised activities

will significantly aid towards the objective of creating an open

platform for the initiative of diverse world-wide public opinion at the

Forum. A meeting is projected for November 1st in Mumbai to formalise

WSF-organised panels and conferences.


10. WSF process in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka-based NGOs and Unions, including the Sri Lanka Plantation

Workers Union, met on October 14th 2003 to solidify collaborations and

advance the WSF process in Sri Lanka. It was decided that efforts will be

intensified to increase the involvement of Sri Lankans in the WSF 2004.

Ms. Ruth Manorama from WSF India attended the meet.


11. Update of the Pakistan Social Forum

Formation of District Committees:

In the last two months almost in all the provinces district activities

have been organized. So far such forums have been held in 38 districts

(Punjab 17, Sindh 6, NWFP 13 and Balochistan 2) district forums have

been held and in all these districts local committees have been formed.

These committees are formed through a process of voluntary nominations

and each committee then elects a convener. Similarly other PSF

introductory forums have been organized with trade unions, labor federations,

lawyers, journalists and farmers groups.


Elections of Provincial Steering Committees

In Sindh and Balochistan provincial meetings have been held and

provincial steering committees have been elected. Moreover they have elected

10 members each for the national steering committee.

The first National Steering Committee meeting  of the Pakistan Social

Forum took place October 20th  in Lahore.



Both individual and organizational membership campaign is in full

swing. So far more than 500 individual and organizational membership have

been finalized in all four provinces. About 3000 membership forms have

been distributed so far and more membership forms are being received

almost every day.


Introductory forums

A series of PSF introductory forums, local meetings and individual

contacts are being made with social movements, NGOs, rights-based advocacy

groups, political parties and other prominent civil society groups.

Such contacts are helping to disseminate message of PSF/WSF to those

groups and individuals. This strategy has really worked effectively to bring

a large number of groups in the fold of PSF.


Provincial Forums in Punjab and NWFP

After the forums in major districts of Punjab and NWFP we will organize

provincial forums in both these provinces. The response form these

provinces so far has been very encouraging and a large number of groups and

individuals have shown their interest in joining the forum.


Pakistan Forum: In the meantime we are preparing for the Pakistan forum

somewhere in end of December 2003 or early January 2004. The detailed

planning for this event will be done in the national steering committee

meeting in October.


Brochure and other Thematic Material. An introductory brochure of the

World Social Forum and Pakistan Forum has been published. About 1000

copies of the brochure have been sent to all provincial chapters. The task

committee setup for the thematic material is working and very soon we

will be able to publish material on the following thematic axes of the

Pakistan Social Forum;


Peace, Well-being (or Human Security) and Regional Cooperation

Debt, Finance and Trade

Nation, State, Discrimination and Exclusion, and Human Rights

Work and Labor, Social Sectors (Food, Health and Education) and Social


Land, Trade and Food Sovereignty

Dialogue/Debate: Socialism, Feminism

Debt, Privatization & Basic Services (water, education, housing,

health, energy)

Governance, Accountability & People’s Resources

Media and the Construction of Consumerism & Militarism


12. Upcoming events


October 27th, Kolkata, West Bengal: WSF Press Conference. For more

information contact Sumit Chowdhury at 033-24737915


December 8th – 12th, Bangkok, Thailand-  Asia/Pacific Conference on

Debt and the Privatization of Water and Power Services. This conference is

being organised by The Asia/Pacific Movement on Debt and Development

(Jubilee South in Asia/Pacific). If you are interested in participating,

and for more information on the conference, please write to  Liza

Clavecilla at  secretariat@jubileesouth.org or   lidy@jubileesouth.org


December 6th 2003 – January 16th, 2004- Dalit rallies will travel from

Jammu, Delhi, Kolkata and Kanyakumari to converge in Mumbai the opening

day of the WSF2004.  For more information, please contact Mr Martin

Macwan at navsarjan@icenet.net


13. Upcoming meetings


October 22nd, Mumbai, India: Mumbai Social Forum weekly meeting. This

meeting will take place at the WSF office in Mumbai, and begins at 4:00



October 25, Guwahati, India: Assam preparatory meeting for the WSF

begins at 10 :00 am. at: Office of Jnan Bignan Samiti, Mandavi Apts,

opposite Rabindra Bhawan, Ambari, Guwahati (confirmed).

Contact person: Dr Devabrata Sharma    dvratsharma03@yahoo.com


November 1st, Mumbai, India:  Programme


November 1st, Mumbai, India: Mobilisation group meeting. This meeting

will begin at 11:00 am, WSF office.


November 2nd and 3rd, Mumbai, India: IOC, IWC and IGC  (confirmed)


November 9th and 10th , Shillong: National Youth Assembly in Shillong,

Meghalaya (proposed). For more information contact



November 11th and 12th, Paris, France: Meeting of Organising Committees

of the World, Regional and Thematic Forums. The meeting will take place

at the offices of Le Monde Diplomatique, at: 1, avenue Stephen Pichon,

75013 Paris.

For more information contact: Carolina Gil at 



November 12th – 15th Paris, France: European Social Forum


November 17th Paris, France: Meeting of Social Movements (proposed).

Contact person: Diago Azzi


November, 19, Mumbai : Programme group meeting (proposed)


November, 20 and 21, Mumbai : IC Content and Thematic Commission



November, 22 and 23, Mumbai : IOC, IWC and IGC (confirmed)


December 20th - 24th: Kerala Social Forum in Thrissur (proposed)


December 2003 or January 2004- Pakistan Social Forum (proposed)


**If you have any questions, comments, or information for this

newsletter (upcoming events, mobilisation process in states, ect),  please

write to   newsletter@wsfindia.org