Thousands Participated in the Second European Social Forum

November 12-15

By: Layla Jadidi

According to the organizers, Over 100 thousand people from 60 countries gathered in Paris between November 12 and 15 for the second European Social Forum (ESF). Majority of the participants were the teens and twenties. Many others were the veterans of the protest movements that took place in 1960ís and 1970s. On Sunday Nov 15, at the end of the European Social Forum discussions, the participants took part in a large demonstration in Paris.

The presence of such large number at a four-day meeting to show opposition to the neo-Liberal capitalist agenda is an indication of major political changes taking place throughout Europe. The first European Social Forum was held last year in Florence.  Several Anti-war protests took place at that event.

Activists of Iran Social Forum also actively participated in ESF.