Another World is possible!


In only three years, people from around the world have created a dynamic movement to challenge the domination of globalization force. The struggle against neo- liberal economic policies and capitalist globalization, and the struggle for peace and against Imperialism have taken great steps. The slogan “Another World is possible” has grown from hopeful words to the first steps toward a new reality

The alternative movement of globalization has spread out to Europe, the United States, India and other parts of the world.  It also has recognized that change must take place in culture as well as in politics and economics. As a result, this movement has gained additional depth and width. Despite the overall speed of its advances, this movement has had a weak presence in the Middle East, which has become the center of globalization crises, war, and the military occupation of Imperialism.

We, a group of Iranians, intend to support this movement with our active participation and by building a social forum of Iran. We intend to join with others in a world social forum, and we are planning to participate actively in the social forum of Europe, which will be held in France.

We realize that the formation of a social forum of Iran will only become a full reality when the civil society of Iran can take its place in the heart of it. Therefore, by recognizing that our initiative is only the beginning of this process, we will focus to link Iran civil movement with the world movement.


Group for preparation of the social forum of Iran.

Jun 19 2003