Stop stoning of the 13 years old child in IRAN

Join the campaign to save Jila 13 from prison and stoning!


Nahid Riazi?s announcement regarding campaigning to save Jila Izadi.


The Islamic regime of Iran is going to stone a 13 year old girl in Marivan to death.


Jila has been condemned to stoning to death. She is pregnant due to a sexual relationship with her 15 year old brother. The Islamic regime of Iran wants to stone this girl. I ask all people in Iran and all NGO organizations which are active for children?s rights or other human rights in Iran and outside Iran to put pressure on the Iranian regime for immediate release of this child.


Jila is a child, a 13 year old child. She must not stay in prison one minute more. We are human beings, and we cannot witness the imprisonment of a child. Execution or stoning to death should be unimaginable.


I implore everybody, and all political or social organizations, to stand up to save Jila?s life. Sign the letter condemning her arrest and sentence. We will guarantee that people in West hear your opinions and condemnation of this barbaric act. With millions of letters in favour of saving Jila and against the Islamic regime, sent to the United Nations and European Union, we can save her life. I ask all internet websites, web loggers, radios and TV stations which are humane, to broadcast this campaign to save Jila?s life. You can sign the condemnation letter below, or write another letter of your own. You can translate this letter into other languages and ask people to sign it.


Please send a copy of your letter to us to make sure we work collectively.


With thanks


Open letter to save the life of Jila a 13 year old Gila Izadi.

We the undersigned have become aware of the case of a 13 year old girl who is been sentenced to prison and stoning by a judge in the town of Marywan in Iran. We protest the imprisonment and stoning order of a 13 years old Jila. A Child?s place is not in a prison. A child must always enjoy the love of parents and members of society, to play with other kids and to receive education.
A child must not be punished, this is shocking for us. Stoning of a child is equivalent to a massacre of millions of people by bombs in a war.

We demand the immediate release of Jila.
We demand the abolition of capital punishment and stoning.


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