Those who ordered and those who carried out the torture, should face justice in Interntional Court of Justice


After that  torture and ill-treatment of the Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghoraib was exposed, Bush Administration and high ranking US army officials claimed that they were not aware of the crimes. They claim that a few numbers of ”Independent contractors” have carried out the ”abuse” willfully. Considering evidances published in this respect and with the attention of similar crimes committed by the US suppressive apparatus and intelligence services  such as Pentagon and the CIA in the past, there is no doubt that torture and murdering of the iraqi prisoners has been carried out as it was planed by intelligence services, and is not only a part of US suppressive policy, but Bush and Ramsfield are as guilty as those who practically committed the crimes. This is not the first time that the crimes of the US government in other countries are being exposed. The world has not yet forgotten the crimes in Vitnam and other parts of the world.


AIPP(in Exile) as an organisation that supports political prisoners, strongly condemns torture and murdering of Iraqi prisoners, and demand that those who ordered and those who carried out the torture and the killings of Iraqi prisoners, face justice in International Court of Justice.


The people of the world including the people of United State of America, should not allow  US government to carry out any possible crimes and disband the international laws as he wish by relying on his army. Torture and murdering of Iraqi prisoners by the US and British armies, by the side of torture and killing of  Palestinias by zionist regime of Israel and tens of thousands of political prisoners in the prisons of the Islamic regime of Iran, Algeria, Turkey etc, shows that the international community is full of atrocities, oppression, cruelty and injustice and it should be changed. The international community should gain a point there would not longer witness such crimes.


Association of Iranian Political Prisoners(in Exile)
21 May 2004



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