2nd Panellenic Assembly
  Athens, 6-7 December 2003
  The 2nd Panellenic Assembly of the Greek Social Forum was successfully
  concluded on the 7th of December, with important participation from all over
  the country and qualitative discussions, which resulted in proposals for
  More than 500 people, from 18 cities of Greece took part in the Assembly,
  while 10 thematic discussions took place simultaneously on Saturday morning,
  and were attended by 20 to 80 persons, with an average of attendance 45
  The thematic discussions were on Health, Employment and unemployment,
  Education, Rights of the Women, Environment-forests water, Immigrants,
  Olympic Games 2004, Repression, European Constitutional Convention, Antiwar
  movement and the struggle against military bases.
  Each thematic discussion produced concrete proposals for action, which will
  soon be summed up and placed in the site of the Greek Social Forum.
  In the plenaries there was a presentation of the activities of the Forum
  since the founding Assembly, the composition of a general campaign of the
  Forum under the Title Enough is Enough and the organizational broadening of
  the Forum.
  Many speakers underlined the need for broadening of contacts and of the
  activities of the Social Forum with collectives and activities of local or
  thematic interest, while the publication of a newspaper of the Forum was
  Apart from the campaigns coming out of the thematic discussions, there was
  an emphasis on the big European campaigns in which we participate with all
  our strength, and for which we shall mobilize, which are the European day
  against war and occupation in Iraq and Palestine on the 20th of March, the
  day for the defense of the social rights in relation to the European
  Constitutional Convention on the 9th of May. This day there will be a
  culmination of the actions of the GSF for the defense of work rights
  (flexible employment, work duration, part time employment, privatesations,
  Also, it the importance of the day of Immigrants the 31st of January was
  stressed, for which we plan to organize many activities.
  A campaign and actions against the anti-popular budget presented in
  Parliament has already started, and the Greek S.F. in collaboration with
  trade unions (for the time being the Confederation of State Employees Trades
  Unions – ADEDY), while an effort will be made for participation of other
  sections of the trade union movement and other forces. This mobilization is
  decided for the 18th of December.
  A motion of condemnation of the criminal activity of policemen in Crete on
  the 5th of Dec. was passed, where a 22 years old citizen was assassinated
  with a bullet through the head, with direction from back to front, in an
  effort, as the policemen claimed, for… self defense. The motion spoke about
  the rightful rage of the co-patriots of the dead, and demanded the release
  of all those who stormed the police station in protest.
  On Friday 5/12, the previous evening from the Assembly, there was a public
  meeting in Athens where there was presentation of the 2nd ESF in Paris and
  analytical presentation of the European Constitutional Convention, which all
  the speakers explained why they condemn and reject.
  Athens, 9/12/03
  The Press Office of Athens
  Greek Social Forum