Newsletter 6, World Social Forum



Another World' Newsletter

Issue # 6   28 November 2003

World Social Forum

January 16th- 21st 2004, Mumbai, India


See in this issue:

Deadline for organisation and individual registration extended to

December 15th  2003

Deadline for stall registration: December 1st 2003

List of international speakers confirmed

Programme: information for organisations holding events at WSF2004


Summary of this issue:

1.  Registration deadline for organisations and individuals extended to

15 December 2003

2.  Hotel accommodation: book on-line till 30 November 2003

3.  Stall registration: deadline is 1st  December 2003

4.  Programme: -Notice to organisations holding events at WSF2004

                 -List of international speakers already confirmed  

5. Camp Accommodation: Submit applications before 15 December 2003

6.  Intercontinental Youth Camp2004 : registration is now open

7.  Press Accreditation

8. Volunteers for WSF2004

9.  Solidarity Contributions for WSF2004 : How to do it

10. Mobilisation: Upcoming events and meetings

11. 'Another World' Newsletter is on-line

12. Building towards WSF2004 around the planet

13. General Calendar of Closing Dates


1.  Registration deadline for organisations and individuals extended to

15 December 2003


The closing date for organisations and individuals to register on-line

has been extended to 15 December 2003. To register, click on the

¨Register Here for WSF2004¨ link on the home page and submit the appropriate

registration forms. The closing date for registration payments is 20

December 2003.




1) If you registered an event proposal, but have not yet submitted an

Organisation Registration Form, please do so before 15 December 2003.


2) If you have registered for WSF as an organisation, but have not yet

provided the detail information of the members of your organisation to

participate at WSF, please do NOT register them as ¨Individuals¨. Fill

in their details through the Organisation Registration Form at  as soon as possible. If you forgot your

password, write to


3) Registration for WSF as an organisation member or an individual does

not automatically book accommodation arrangements. To book

accommodation, see the information below.


4) Credit card payments for the registration of individuals or

organisations at WSF can be made on-line. Click on the ¨Credit Card Payment¨

link at and select the prefix ¨WSF¨ (for organisations)

or ¨INDI/PART¨ (for individuals), and enter your registration number to

obtain a Credit Card payment form. The closing date for registration

payments through credit card, bank draft or bank transfers  is 20

December 2003.


For more information write to


2.  Book hotel accommodation through our website till  30 November 2003


To make a reservation at Mumbai hotels through our online booking

service, select the link ¨accommodation¨ at  and submit

the required information before 30 November  2003. On this link you will

find available a wide variety of accomodation at the lower rates

negotiated by our service providers. Please note as the Forum's dates

approach, the availability of your preferred hotel options are decreasing by

the day. Moreover, the hotels guaranteed the number of rooms available

exclusively to WSF only till 30 November. After this date they are free

to release the rooms to other users. So please  book your accommodation

immediately to be assured of the benefit of the negotiated rates and



Credit card payments for accommodation bookings through the WSF website

can be made on-line. Click on the ¨Credit Card Payment¨ link at and select the prefix ¨ACCO¨ and enter your booking ID to

obtain a credit card payment form.


In issue number five of this newsletter, the deadline to reserve hotel

accommodation on-line was mistakenly mentioned as 30 December 2003. We

sincerely apologize for this mistake.

For queries, please write to


3.  Stall registration: deadline is 1st December  2003


Registration for stall areas for exhibitions and sales at WSF grounds

is open. In order to obtain a Stall Registration Form or register online

through  , go to the ¨Stall Registration¨ section in the ¨Registration¨

link of our main webpage. The area of stall units is 3 m X 4 m, but

larger spaces in multiples of this unit can be obtained, for example 6 m X

8 m.

Below is important information about the categories of stall spaces and

rates charged. For further information, visit our website or write to  The closing date to submit stall

registration forms is 1st December 2003.





Rate for Group  I* Countries

Rate for Group II* Countries

Rate for Group III*Countries


Organisations' stalls (without sales)

I: $250.00

II: $125.00

III: Rs. 4, 000


Sales at Actuals/ low profits

I: $250.00


III:Rs. 4, 000


Sales for profit by groups associated with Social Movements and NGOs

I: $625.00

II: $300.00

III: Rs. 10, 000


Commercial Service Providers

I: $1,000.00

II: $700.00

III: Rs. 25, 000

*Group I Countries

Australia , Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France,

Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg

Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal,Spain, Sweden,Switzerland, United

Kingdom, United States of America


*Group II Countries

The rest of Europe, Africa, Latin America Asia (Outside of the South

Asia Association for Regional Cooperation)


*Group III Countries

Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Pakistan Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka



4.  Programme: Notice to organisations holding events at WSF2004


As of now, about 1600 self-organised event proposals from 81 countries

are registered for the WSF!!  An incredible diversity of voices and

opinion will be represented at these events,  and we thank all

organisations for their proposals. To view a profile of event proposals, the

contact information of the organisation(s) holding each event, and whether

they are willing to collaborate with others to hold joint events, visit . The majority of registered proposals are

listed at this site, but we are currently in the process of updating

our website to include all registrations. For queries, write to


Due to space limitations at the venue, and to accommodate all proposed

events as adequately as possible, we strongly encourage organisations

to contact others with similar proposals and start an interlinkage

process to hold a joint event at the Forum. Proposals for composite events

which were originally registered as separate should be sent to   We invite organisations to start networking

before the WSF and mutually benefit from their creativity, knowledge and


Moreover, as we are currently in the process of confirming registered

proposals, it would be very helpful if authoring organisations contact

the Programme committee at  to confirm

their proposal or communicate any changes. The content of proposals can

not be modified anymore through our website.


The dates for the WSF-organised events are the following:


January 17   

            Morning: Land, Water and Food Sovereignty

            Evening: Militarism, War and Peace

January 18

            Morning: Globalisation, Economic and Social Security

            Evening : Wars against Women, Women against Wars

January 19

            Morning: Media, Culture, and Knowledge

            Evening: Exclusions and Oppression: Racism and Casteism

January 20

            Morning: Labour and the World of Work

            Evening: Religious, Ethnic & Linguistic Exclusion & Oppression


Round Tables

January 17: Globalisation, Global Governance and the Nation State

January 18: Political Parties and Social Movements

January 19: Globalisation and its Alternatives

January 20: Future of the WSF


For more information write to


Programme: List of international speakers already confirmed

As of today, some of the invited speakers that have confirmed

attendance to WSF2004 are Ahmed Ben Bella, Alejandro Bendana, Amina Mama, Asma

Jehangir, Ayse Erzan, Boaventura De Sousa Santos, Christophe Aguiton,

Dita Sari, Farhad Mazhar, Fatima Castillo, Gigi Francisco, Jomo Sudaran,

Jose Beauvais, Kate Dewes, Lilian Celiberti, Madam Nguyen Binh,

Marjorie Griffin Cohen, Maude Barlow, Michael Albert, Muto Ichiyo, Nawal Al

Sadawi, Pervez Hoodbhoy, Radhika Coomaraswamy, Samir Amin, Satu Hassi,

Sonia Correa, Steve Fraser,  and Trevor Ngawane.


5.  Camp accommodation: submit applications before 15 December 2003


Camp accommodation facilities will be available at some distance away

from the WSF venue. These facilities will have a  maximum capacity of

15,000 people. Due to such limitation, mass organisations and social

movements can apply for the camp accommodation  by writing to before 15 December 2003. Applications can

also be faxed to +91 22 2421 6382 or mailed by speed post before 15

December to:

WSF India Office

Bhupesh Gupta Bhavan 3rd floor

Leningrad Chowk, 85 Sayani Rd

Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400 025 India


Camp accommodation for all six days of the Forum (16- 21 January)  will

cost a total of Rps 100.00 per person. Applications will be processed

on the basis of availability to allocate the camp-site up to December

25th 2003, after which allotment notifications will be sent. To confirm

camp-site allotment, full payment must be received by WSF within a week

of allotment notification. For more information write to


6.  Youth Camp: Registration is now open


To participate in the Intercontinental Youth Camp (IYC), register

online at . Click on the ¨Youth Forum¨ link of our main

webpage, and submit the Individual Registration form available in the

¨Registration¨ section.

There are three registration fee categories for individuals:


I) US $50 for delegates from Australia; Austria; Belgium; Canada;

Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Iceland; Italy; Ireland; Japan;

Korea, Republic of; Luxembourg; Netherlands; New Zealand; Norway;

Portugal; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; United Kingdom and United States of


II) US $20 for delegates from the rest of Europe; Latin America; Africa

and the rest of Asia.

III) INR 200 for delegates from Bangladesh; Bhutan; India; Pakistan;

Maldives; Nepal and Sri Lanka.


Attention: Individuals registered for the IYC are automatically

registered for the WSF,  thus IYC participants can also attend the WSF2004.

For more information, write to


*Propose an event for the Intercontinental Youth Camp 2004!!

 In order to ensure a platform for youth to engage in democratic

dialogue and action on what most concerns them, a large space for workshops,

discussions, cultural events, and other activities will be reserved for

participants to design and create. Youth camp organisers are putting

together six thematic spaces (conferences and workshops) and cultural

events. So, come together with other people from around the world to voice

your opinion, share your insights and experiences, and make the Youth

Camp a success!! -To propose an activity for the IYC, write to to obtain an Event Registration form.

For more information on the IYC2004 programme, visit



*Venue of the Intercontinental Youth Camp: The IYC will be held at the

Don Bosco grounds in Matunga, Mumbai during January 16 -21, 2004. The

central location of the venue will enable the IYC to make a great impact

on the city's awareness of the WSF and IYC processes.


7. Press Accreditation


We invite Journalists, freelancers, and media organisations from all

over the world to attend the WSF 2004. Press Accreditation is separate

from the WSF registration process. If you have already registered for the

WSF as an individual, but would like to get accreditation as a

Journalist or part of a media organisation, please submit a Press Accreditation

Form. The form will be available at

by 1st December 2003.


A Media Centre with internet and other facilities will be constructed

at the WSF venue only for accredited press.

For more information write to


8.  Volunteers for the WSF


The invaluable help of volunteers has made the World Social Forum an

incredible success in its last three editions. We are thrilled that

people from around the world are interested in devoting their time, effort,

and energy to further the WSF process in India. Approximately 75,000

delegates are expected to participate in the Forum, during which we need

as much help as we can get. Some of the areas you can volunteer for are

the following:


Information desks: Providing information about transportation and the

city of Mumbai (Mumbai residents)

Events/ Exhibitions/ cultural performances

Assisting handicapped participants

Press/Media volunteers

Youth Camp

Translations/Interpreters:   please write to

indicating your language skills and if it is written/oral


Write to indicating which of these areas you

would be interested in volunteering for, if you live in Mumbai or not,

when you intend to arrive to Mumbai if abroad, and your language skills.


9.  Solidarity Contributions to the WSF: How to do it


Your solidarity contributions are now more important than ever in order

make the WSF a success!

If you want to donate solidarity contributions to WSF from outside

India, please arrange a demand draft or bank transfer to the following



Account holder: Vikas Adhyayan Kendra

Bank: Oriental Bank of Commerce

Account No: 20443

Bank Swift Codes: ORBCINBBXMLD


Solidarity contributions to WSF from within India can be made through:


1)Bank Transfer (wire transfer)

Account Title: WSF INDIA TRUST

Name of Bank: ICICI Bank Ltd

Branch: Dadar Branch

Branch Code: 0032

Account Number: 003201029472

Address of Bank: ICICI Bank Ltd,


 167 C, Dr. Ambedkar Road,

 Dadar, Mumbai -400 014

2) Bank Draft (DD) :

      In favour of “WSF India Trust”

      Payable in Mumbai

      Address:WSF India

            Bhupesh Gupta Bhavan 3rd floor

            Leningrad Chowk, 85 Sayani Rd

            Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400 025 India

                     Telephone: +91 22 2421 6249       Fax: +91 22 2421



Mobilisation:Upcoming events and meetings


29-30 November 2003, Hubli, Karnataka- Karnataka Social Forum at Indira

Glass House (near old bus stand). For more information write to


30 November 2003, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – WSF State chapter meets at 10

am at BEFI office, Koil St,  Chennai


1 December 2003, Mumbai: All Mumbai Organisation meeting at 3 pm at the

WSF office, Bhupesh Gupta Bhawan 3rd floor, Leningrad Chowk, 85 Sayani

Rd, Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400 025 (proposed).


1 December 2003, Mumbai - Meeting of the Communication and Media group

begins at 11:30 am at WSF office, Bhupesh Gupta Bhawan 3rd floor,

Leningrad Chowk, 85 Sayani Rd, Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400 025 .


2 December 2003, Mumbai- Meeting of the Mobilisation group at 3 pm at

Bhupesh Gupta Bhawan 3rd floor, Leningrad Chowk, 85 Sayani Rd,

Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400 025


2 December 2003, Mumbai – Mumbai working group for Children's Rights in

a Globalising World (CR4WSF). This meeting will be held every Tuesday

at Balprafulta (Andheri E). For further details contact CR4WSF

Secretariat c/o YUVA at 91-22-24116393/24116394/24143498/24155250 

Email: or


2 December 2003, Mumbai- Women's Campaign demonstrations at 3pm at

Maharshi Karve  Rd, near Churchgate station. Theme : Violence against

women. Organised by YWCA in collaboration with  Women's  Network


5 December 2003, Mumbai- Dalit Sector meeting at 11am


6 December 2003 – January 16, 2004-Dalit rallies will travel from

Jammu, Delhi, Kolkata and Kanyakumari to converge in Mumbai the opening day

of the WSF2004.  For more information, please contact Mr Martin Macwan



6 December 2003, Mumbai- WSF  meet at Chaityabhumi, Dadar on the

occasion of “Mahaparinirvana Din”


6 December 2003, Pundrik, Haryana- Dalit Dignity Rally (organised by

the National Conference of Dalit Organisations)


7 – 11 December 2003,  Amsterdam, Holland-  Committee for the

cancellation of the Third World Debt.  Third International Seminar:

International Law and Foreign Debt. For more information visit or

write to


8 December 2003, Delhi– Delhi Social Forum will meet at the

Constitution Club


8 – 12 December 2003, Bangkok, Thailand- Asia/Pacific Conference on

Debt and the Privatization of Water and Power Services. This conference is

being organised by The Asia/Pacific Movement on Debt and Development

(Jubilee South in Asia/Pacific). If you are interested in participating,

and for more information on the conference, please write to  Liza

Clavecilla at or or  


9 December 2003, Mumbai- Meeting of the Mobilisation group at 3 pm at

Bhupesh Gupta Bhawan 3rd floor, Leningrad Chowk, 85 Sayani Rd,

Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400 025


10 December 2003, Mumbai - Corner meeting with the mobilisation group

at 5pm in front of Borivali railway station


11  December 2003, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh- Preperatory meetingof the

Himachal Pradesh State Forum  at 11 am  at YWCA, Hall.  Please confirm

your participation by writing to Joginder Walia at:



12 December 2003, Mumbai - Corner meeting with the mobilisation group

at 5 pm in front of Goregaon railway station and in front of Mulund

railway station


15 December 2003, Mumbai - Corner meeting with the mobilisation group

at 5 pm in front of  Ghatkopar railway station


15 – 16 December 2003, Bangkok, Thailand- Asian Consultation on Vienna

Plus 10 (Assessment of Human Rights situation, 10 years after the 1993

Vienna Conference on Human Rights) at UNCC, UNESCAP. For more

information contact Sanjay Gathia at  or


15 December 2003, Delhi – National Consultation of rural and

unorganised workers begins at 1 pm at the Gandhi Peace Foundation, 223, Dean

Dayal Upadhyaya Marg, New Delhi. Telephone No: 011-23237491-93


16 December  2003, Delhi –National Consultation of Land Issues at the

Gandhi Peace Foundation, 223, Dean Dayal Upadhyaya Marg, New Delhi.

Telephone No: 011-23237491-93


16  December 2003, Mumbai- Meeting of the Mobilisation group at 3 pm at

Bhupesh Gupta Bhawan 3rd floor, Leningrad Chowk, 85 Sayani Rd,

Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400 025


17 December 2003, Delhi- National Consultation of Indigenous People

begins at 10 am the Gandhi Peace Foundation, 223, Dean Dayal Upadhyaya

Marg, New Delhi. Telephone No: 011-23237491-93


17 December  2003, Mumbai - Corner meeting with the mobilisation group

at 5 pm in front of Chembur railway station


17 December  2003, Mumbai – Minority Sector meeting begins at 11 am  at

the WSF office, Bhupesh Gupta Bhawan 3rd floor, Leningrad Chowk, 85

Sayani Rd, Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400 025


18 December 2003, Delhi – National Consultation of Farmers and

Agricultural Issues begins at 10 am at the Gandhi Peace Foundation, 223, Dean

Dayal Upadhyaya Marg, New Delhi. Telephone No: 011-23237491-93


18 – 19 December 2003, Gujrat – Gujrat Social Forum (Seminar on



20 – 21 December 2003, Mumbai: IOC meeting


20 December 2003, Rourkela and Cuttack, Orissa -Regional Convention of

the Orissa WSF process


20 - 23 December 2003, Thrissur, Kerala: Kerala Social Forum in

Thrissur (proposed)


21 December, 2003, Jorhat, Assam -  Assam State Convention


21 December 2003,   Balasore,  Orissa- Regional Convention of the

Orissa WSF process


22 December 2003, Sambalpur, Orissa-  Regional Convention of the Orissa

WSF process


27 -28 December 2003, Gujrat – Gujrat Social Forum (Seminar on Youth

and Nation building)


1 January 2003, Gujrat – Gujrat Social Forum (Seminar on Land Rights)

3 – 4 January 2004, Naupalli Orissa-  The Orissa State Convention 


5 January

12 – 13 January  2004, Lahore, Pakistan- Pakistan Social Forum


For more information, write to


11.  'Another World' Newsletter is online!!

You can view all the issues up to date of this newsletter at to obtain the latest information about the

WSF2004 and how to participate. Please write your questions and comments to


12. Building towards WSF2004 around the planet


The WSF is not just an event that moved from Brasil to India. All

around the planet, people are joining based on national, regional, and

thematic/sectoral basis to debate their concerns and find viable

alternatives to the current models neo-liberal globalisation, and struggle for the

conservation of our natural resources and the natural environment,

social justice, and peace. The following are brief summaries of some of the

International Forums alive. Please also refer to ¨ Social Forums around

the world¨ at the final section of this newsletter for more information

about  upcoming Forums.


Pakistan Social Forum

Across the country, in 87 districts and more than 30 cities, forums are

being organised to discuss the most pressing issues in Pakistan among

social activists, human rights and social activists, farmers,

journalists, teachers, students, forest dwellers, fisher-folk, workers, women,

and civil society in general. Various organisations are part of

Provincial and National Comittees that have been constituted in several major

cities to discuss PSF/WSFs ideas, develop strategies at the local and

national level, and prepare for the WSF.

The main themes of the Pakistan Social Forum during January 12-13 2004

in Lahore are: Peace, Well-being (or Human security) and Regional

Cooperation; Debt, Finance and Trade; Nation, State, Discrimination and

Exclusion, and Human Rights; Work and Labor, Social Sectors (Food, Health

and Education) and Social Security; Land, Trade and Food Sovereignty;

Socialism, Feminism; Debt, Privatization & Basic Services (water,

education, housing, health, energy); Governance, Accountability & Peoples

Resources; Media and the Construction of Consumerism and Militarism.

For more information, write  to 


Southern African Social Forum

The first Southern African Social Forum was held in Zambia November

9-11th 2003.  People from Angola, the DRC, Malawi, Mauritius, Namibia,

South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe met at this Forum

to debate on the globalisation process and its impact on the region. The

themes discussed at the Southern African Social Forum included: gender,

HIV/Aids, debt, trade, governance, education, culture, labour, malaria,

media/information and communications technology, land and environment,

agriculture and food security, youth and peace and security.


Zimbabwe Social Forum

Youth Forum in the Youth Tent

 During the Zimbabwe Social Forum on  October 9-11th 2003, the Youth

Camp held presentations and plenary discussions on themes such as

privatization, debt, structural adjustment, and unfair domestic and

international trade policies. The Zimbabwe National Students Union & Students

against Privatization, Students Solidarity Trust & Youth Development

Network, and other organisations held the workshops ¨Understanding

privatization, structural adjustment, General Agreement on Trade Services and

its impact on the access to services like education, health and water¨

and ¨Popular participation for social and economic development,

confronting gender discrimination and poor governance¨.


13.  General calendar of closing dates


*Stall registration: December 1, 2003


* Registration of individuals and organisations: up to December 15,



*Applications for camp accommodation: December 15, 2003


*Payment for Individual and Organisation Registration Fees:  December

20, 2003


*Payment for Stall Registration Fees: December 20,  2003



If you want to subscribe to receive this newsletter free of charge, or

if you have any questions or comments,  please write to